What is title insurance? It is a protection for the new owner’s property just in case there is any liens or title defects on the title. Having title insurance helps you financially in the long run, just in case these problems do arise.

Why do I need title insurance? With this policy issued to you, it will protect you from any problems that may arise with your real estate property. They also will defend you when and if these problems end up taking you to court.

Why should I hire an attorney for my title insurance needs? It is important to remember he legalities behind purchasing a home. Having a strong team of attorney’s through every step of the way is the best way to protect yourself from getting the short end of any deal. Title insurance has a lot of ‘fine print’. Sometimes without even realizing you could be signing on something that really isn’t going to work for you at all.

This is where Johnston and Sasser come in. They offer a support that is really needed during this stressful process. They want to make sure you are receiving the type of title insurance that is going to work for you as hard as it should be. This is your money that you have worked hard for do not just spend it when you’re only getting half of the knowledge.

The attorney’s at Johnston and Sasser are fully educated in all things real estate, including title insurance. They have helped and will continue to help their clients get through this stressful time by making sure they are set-up for success with their title insurance purchase.

Still have some unanswered questions about title insurance? Contact one of the attorney’s at Johnston and Sasser to help guide you in the right direction! One of their team member’s will sit with you and see exactly what services are going to benefit you, during your home buying process. With their extensive knowledge in real estate law, they will make sure you are exactly where you need to be every step of the way!