At the law office of Johnston and Sasser, P.A., we can help you navigate through the complicated world of real estate law, including:

• Boundary Disputes
• Closings
• Contracts
• Eminent Domain
• Land Use
• Landlord/Tenant Issues
• Mortgage Foreclosure Defense
• Property Disputes
• Title Insurance
• Zoning

Our experienced real estate attorneys can give you the right legal strategy when it comes to commercial or residential real estate needs. We can help you draft and enforce leases and evictions, clear title defects, create and review contracts, make purchases, sales and more.

Buying or selling a property involves a lot of things you may not have thought about. The office of Johnston and Sasser, P.A. has helped protect clients from potential lawsuits, guided them through all the necessary paperwork, and resolved disputes that have come up during the buying or selling process.

We can help you:
• Draft Leases
• Enforce Terms and Conditions
• Inform You of Laws Regulating Evictions, Agreements, Obligations

To obtain title insurance in the state of Florida, we offer title insurance options.

If you obtain experienced real estate representation from Johnston and Sasser, P.A., we can make sure your real estate legal issues get resolved with your best interests in mind.