When a loved one passes away, it is a very hard, emotional process that the family and friends have to endure. Hiring an attorney to handle probate law specifics can save those involved with the deceased from the added stress and of handling real estate, property, debts, taxes, etc…

Who decides that probate law is needed?

In many cases, it is the person who is named the executer on the will is the one to hire a probate law team. If no will was made by the deceased than the courts will decide who should be the executor and then they will then hire the proper counsel.

How does probate law work?

The probate law attorney will file the needed papers into a probate court. Then the probate law attorney will gather all the needed information about the deceased. This includes, a certified death certificate, all properties owned, debts, and who will be receiving the assets based on the will.

They executor will then need to decide if selling the real estate and other property is needed to pay off the debts. A skilled probate law attorney can help decide whether this is the right thing to do, as well as if the executor is making the best choices for everyone that is involved.

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The attorney’s at Johnston and Sasser are known for helping their clients through all the working parts of the probate law process. Losing a loved one is not easy for anyone, if you have just lost a loved one and are looking for probate law assistance, call Johnston and Sasser today.

Someone, from their team of dedicated employees, will gladly set you up an appointment to go over exactly what is needed for your specific case.